How to Straighten and Fix a Bent or Curved Penis

fix my bent penisHow to fix a bent penis

There are several weird and awkward ways your penis can bend. Some are natural, others are a result of injury and sometimes a natural predisposition.  Some penile curvatures are great for your sex life, while others can be both uncomfortable during sex and just in general.

If you’ve landed on this page in search of how to fix a bent penis than we’ve got you covered.

The difference between a curved penis vs straight penis can be as simple as correcting a small bend of a few degrees to straighten a severe curve caused by Peyronie’s disease. No matter how large or small your problem we can show how to effectively straighten a curved penis in a few months.  While there are other options they tend to be less effective and more time consuming, with the exception of surgery… but there a lot of drawbacks to undergoing penile curvature curative surgery, but we’ll go into that later.  For now here’s how to  straighten a bent penis:

How to straighten bent penis in 3 months, Guaranteed.

straighten curved penisWhy this should get your attention:

Short of going under the knife there isn’t another medically proven method to fix a bent penis.  Using a traction device is the only nonsurgical methods approved by the FDA and CE certified as a  type 1 medical grade device.

What makes having a curved penis a curse?

  1. It’s awkward. They say size matters, and while it may, having an irregularly shaped penis is awkward during oral sex and will likely hurt your partner during intercourse.
  2. Less self-confidence. Men tend to pride themselves on the size and skill of their manhood. Most men don’t actually think about the shape unless something is wrong and then it becomes something of an obsession, leading to lower self-esteem.
  3. Performance anxiety.  It’s hard not to worry about sleeping with someone if you’re thinking about whether or not she’s going to judge you based on deformity that you had no control over, or whether or not you’re going to hurt her because you bend the wrong the way.
  4. You have a smaller penis. Speaking of size, you can lose up 1.5 + inches from a penile curve.  It’s just insult to injury that you’d end up with a smaller and misshapen penis. fix a bent penis

As the short animated video above illustrated,  if your like 99.9% of men with a one, your curved penis is really quite simple to straighten. It just takes some time, persistence, and the right device. It doesn’t matter if erection curves up, down, sideways, or in a combination thereof.  They can all be fixed using the SizeGenetics device.

The difference between a normal penis and Peyronie’s disease

peyronies disease vs normal penile curvature

The photo does a pretty good job at explaining what can happen to the penis if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease.  It’s important to note that this fibrous plaque that forces the penis into a weird shape can also occur from small injuries over time. This can happen to many young men if they masturbate with excessive pressure (seriously, it’s a real thing called Traumatic Masturbation Syndrom, you can find out more here)

When should you start asking how to straighten a bent penis?

Most healthy men have a very slight curve when erect. Often the curvature becomes more pronounced with high levels of arousal and honestly, if you only have a slight curve of a few degrees, don’t sweat it. Yes, you can straighten it with ease, but it shouldn’t be impacting your life.  Men with a more severe bend should correct it as it can lead to complications both physically and lifestyle wise.

Here’s a little more info on SizeGenetics, what it does and why it comes so highly recommended by medical professionals:


straighten bent penis

How to correct a curved penis – Pro tips

Prevention: It may sound stupid, but even once you’ve fixed your bent/curved penis you’ll want to make sure it stays that way, so with that in mind try following these steps that have been strongly recommended by experts in the field  in order to avoid the development of a curve in the penis:

  • Avoid sleeping on your belly. Try sleeping on your side or on your back. Bonus: this is also just better for your back.
  • Increase your intake off vitamin-E rich food or you may consider supplements, but follow the recommended amount. Vitamin E is a big factor in stimulating blood flow to the penis. Bonus: you’ll hang lower and have stronger erections.
  • Change where it hangs.  Try and change the direction of your penis in clothes especially if you’re wearing anything tight. No bonus here.
  • Avoid sexual positions or activity that may cause penile injury. Bonus: you won’t break your penis…which can happen (more info here)