Why is My Penis Curved?

My penis curves up, or at least it did. I’ve since corrected that issue.  I use to have a pretty severe curvature that measured approximately 25 degrees, but I’ve known guys that have complained about a downwards curve and recently have received several emails asking “why does my penis curve to the left, or right?”

To clarify some terminology:  a bent penis and curved penis are the same thing, so if you’d like to know why your penis curves see: What Causes a Bent Penis?  See here to learn how to fix a bent penis.  This way we’re not repeating ourselves.  I’d like to use this post to go into depth on the mechanics of the penis and how a curvature can form.

Why does my penis curve?

Let’s start with the basics of penile anatomy.

Penile Anatomy 101

A more in-depth look:

Penile Anatomy A penis with a natural curvature:

A normal penis curve is 5 degrees. Anything over 9 degrees should be corrected. To give you an idea of what that looks like I’ve included a simple chart that illustrates a 5-degree curve from a straight line.

natural penis curvature

An upwards curvature is fairly common and natural. Little risk is associated with this kind of penile curve.  If your penis curves down, or to the left/right it’s far more likely that you have a problem.  The problem stems from an accumulation of a thick, dense form of plaque that can build up between damaged tissues of the Corpus cavernosum and the penis shaft.

Here is a diagram to show you where the problem is normally located:

fibrous plaque

During an erection, the erectile tissues fill with blood and trap it inside. If you have a curved penis a plaque build up constrict and pushes and bears down on the tissues forcing the penis to curve. The penis will curve depending on the location of the plaque along the penis shaft. If there has been damage to the left side of the shaft and the area has responded by developing plaque like tissue, then you’ll curve to the left.  If the damage was located on the bottom, then the penis will curve downward.

penile shaft plaque

Penile curvature when flaccid

On the rare occasion, an injury can cause plaque to push the Tunica of the penis so far out of shape that the flaccid penis show’s signs of the curvature.   In this case, surgery is often performed, however, an extender can still be used over a span of three to six  months to correct the curvature and break down any plaque along the shaft.   Most men opt to use an extender, or traction device as surgery is costly and is often accompanied by complications and pain.

Understanding more about why you penis curves the way it does:

What do about it:

Nearly 100 percent of curvatures (natural or a result of injury) can be made to straighten out by using a traction device.  I caution you though, it is extremely important to use an FDA and CE certified product.  You can see the one I’ve used along with thousands of other men all around the globe.  It is a medical device that is certified and approved. It is also back by an 180-day money back guarantee for your piece of mind.

straighten bent penis

Want more medical information? See the Mayo Clinic’s website.