What Causes a Bent Penis?

slight penis curve

Causes of bent penis

Let’s start off by saying that if you have a slightly bent penis you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If your curve is more than 5-7 degrees you may want to do something about it, and if your curvature exceeds 9 degrees, then you absolutely should correct it.  First, let’s look at what causes a bent penis?

  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. Blunt trauma to the penis that creates scar tissue or plaque.
  3. Gradual damage to the penis over the long term (like excessive pressure during masturbation)
  4. General Peyronie’s disease

Risk factors:

  • Again genetics play a big role in your risk of developing Peyronie’s.  It may be uncomfortable, but does your father have it? What about your grandfathers? Having a full account of your families medical history is an asset.
  • Age factors in here as well. As men get older the tissues that comprise the internal structure of the penis can change. They can become harder and less flexible leading to a higher risk of tears and the build up of scar tissues.
  • Other disorders can contribute to an increased chance of developing Peyronie’s disease. The most well known of these disorders is  called Dupuytren’s contracture ( a connective tissue disorder that starts in the hand, forcing the fingers to close into a fist).

Below is a very comprehensive video (over an hour) by Dr. Yagil Barazani, MD, Urologist:

What do all these causes of a bent penis having in common? They can all be treated using 1 of 2 clinically proven methods:

  1.  The only type 1 medical grade extender device on the market (SizeGenetics)
  2. Penile curvature corrective surgery

Peyronies Disease/Bent Penis Syndrome is one of the Easies and Safest male sexual problems to solve. Best of all you can do it from the comfort of your own home. With a success rate of 99.9% it’s no wonder it’s been medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries around the world.

angle of penis curveIf your penis is bent like this, take action now!

When a penis has a bend that tips over 9 degrees studies show that not only can intercourse be uncomfortable for women, but men are 80% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.  Men with a bend of 20-30% degrees will probably experience some form erectile dysfunction by the time they hit their 40’s.

There is additional concern in that in many cases the penis becomes more and more bent over time. Plaque can begin to accumulate at the site of the bend causing a host of problems to the health and well-being of your manhood.

sideways bend in penis

The diagram to the left shows how the extender can straighten out the penis over a short period of time. Typically a 30-degree bend can be worked out in 3 months. For more severe cases it may take up to 6 months.

That’s not too bad, a lifetime of an oddly shaped penis, or simply use a traction device for 3-6 months a couple hours a day for a lifetime of having an ideal member. There are additional befits to using the extender…

Advantages of bent penis treatment using SizeGenetics

  1. Safety corrected a bend.
  2. Recommended by doctors all over the world.
  3. Medically recognized as a treatment option for patients suffering from Peyronies disease.
  4. Will correct any severity of curvature. From 1 degree to 90.
  5. It will correct any angle as well. It doesn’t matter whether you have downward bent penis, or bends to the right or left.
  6. Straighten your penis will add length. Often around an inch.
  7. Using SizeGenetics will naturally increase the length and girth of your penis (over and above what straightening will do)
  8. Surgery will cost you $4000 – 12000.  The extender with all the bells and whistles will cost a $300 and change (as low as $150).
  9. It’s guaranteed to work. The guarantee covers you for 6 moths. So you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re getting the best product and it will work or your money back.  Read more about the guarantee here.

This is really the best option to fix a bent penis.

straighten curved penis

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