Penis Enlargement Tips When You Have Bent Penis

Penis Enlargement Tips When You Have Bent Penis

Penis And Penis Enlargement + All About Penis Length, Girth And The Methods Of Enlargement

Penis and its enlargement have become quite popular these days and men are lining up to use various penis enlargement devices and pills that promise them an improvement in the size of their penis. Quite a number of men use herbal pills for enhancing their penis owing to their efficacy and lack of side effects. The question is whether length is as important as it’s made out to be? Or is girth as important as length, if not more.

Girth or length – What is more important?

There are not many men who don’t care about the size of their penis. Because the penis size has always been associated with sexual prowess, men have always been obsessed with the size of their penis. Penis size is not only about the length, but also the girth. What is more important in terms of providing sexual satisfaction, the length or the girth? There have been numerous polls that have asked women the same question. Though ambiguous at best, the results do say that the girth matters more than the length. A larger girth, gives the woman a feeling of fullness and in some cases also leads to a stimulation of the G-spot. It’s important to understand that different women have different preferences with respect to girth and length. The girth or the length is not as important as passion.

Measuring penis length and girth accurately

Penis Enlargement Tips

To measure a flaccid penis you need to position it horizontally to the floor on which you are standing and measure it. The measurement must be taken starting from the pubic bone to the penis tip. To measure the length of the erect penis you need to hold it in one hand and place the ruler gently against the pubic bone and measure it outwards towards its tip. When you measure the girth of your flaccid penis, for accurate results measure it from the center. Pull out the penis in front of you and hold it in a direction that is parallel to the floor. Wrap the tape measure around the center of the penis and record the girth. For measuring the girth of an erect penis, it’s important to have a completely erect penis. The process of measuring remains the same as in the case of a flaccid penis.

Herbal penis enlargement methods and their popularity

There are many reasons why herbal penis enlargement methods are becoming so popular. These methods are available in the form of pills and bring to the user a collection of potent herbal ingredients. A natural penis enhancing pill like VigRX is very popular because of the benefits it brings. First herbal pills enhance the size of the penis through purely natural methods. Being 100% natural they have no side effects. Some methods and techniques that are used for penis enhancement are difficult to perform and some other methods actually look quite risky. The intake of these herbal enlargement pills preclude the need to embark upon some adventurous method of penis enlargement.

Larger penis size and its effect on psychological health

There is no doubt that a large penis size is good for you at a psychological level. Some men even agree that it actually contributes towards increased sexual satisfaction, the fact remains that if you have a big penis, you are more confident about your ability in the bedroom. You become less apprehensive about the performance and the lack of anxiety can contribute towards a better sexual experience. Sexual activity is all about being confident about yourself and the fact that you can satisfy your partner. A large penis size contributes effectively in that regard.

Straighten Your Curve

Did you know that you gain about an inch and half simply by straightening out the curve in your penis? It also makes sex more enjoyable so everyone wins.  Find out what creates a bent penis and how to straighten a curved penis.


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