5 Tips To Delay Ejaculation


How To Delay Ejaculation – 5 Tips To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

While we tend to focus on how to correct a bent penis shaft on this site, we think it’s only natural to cover a variety of issues that impact men’s sexual performance. So below you’ll find five tips on how to delay orgasming too quickly.

Every man wants to be thought of as a great lover. One of the requirements for being a great lover is having good sexual stamina. If you want to improve your sexual stamina and last longer in bed, you have to figure out how to delay ejaculation. There are natural methods and techniques that will help you control your ejaculation and prolong your sexual encounters. The following techniques will improve your ability to enjoy longer lasting sex. Sidenote: you may want to take a look at this site for more info on premature ejaculation prevention techniques.

1. Squeeze Your PC Muscle

Squeezing your PC muscle will help you be able to prolong your ejaculation. This is important because your PC muscle is what controls how hard your erections will be and also the amount of force behind your ejaculation. If you want to locate where your PC muscle is, the next time you go to the bathroom stop urinating in midstream. The muscle you flex to stop your urine flow is the PC muscle. Practice squeezing your PC muscle and you will learn to control your ejaculations. Since it can be done anytime and anywhere you can practice several times a day.

2. Press Your Perineum

When you feel yourself getting ready to ejaculate, you can press your perineum to suppress your orgasm. Your perineum is located in the area between your ball sack and your anus. When you press it firmly, it will cause the semen stream to be obstructed and cause it to flow back towards the bladder. Now this move isn’t for every guy. Some guys get a little nervous about touching anywhere close to their anal region. That’s fine. But this is a good technique to try when you are trying to figure out how to delay ejaculation.

3. The Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique is an effective method to use so that you can last longer in bed. When you feel that you are close to orgasm, apply pressure underneath the head of your penis by squeezing the area with your thumb and index finger. This will force blood to flow out of your penis for a moment, your erection will subside momentarily. After you apply the squeeze and hold of your ejaculation, wait for about 30 seconds before continuing sexual intercourse. The squeeze technique will prolong your ejaculation during sex.

4. Take Your Time

When it comes to controlling premature ejaculation, slower is better. When you are thrusting at an extremely fast pace, it is easy for you to lose control and orgasm too fast. Keep your strokes at a more slow and deliberate pace and you will be able to control your excitement and maintain your sexual stamina. Now if your partner likes it fast and hard mix in some slower strokes, as a change of pace, so you don’t lose your control.

5. Tug On Your Balls

Yes, pulling on your testicles will delay your orgasm. As you get closer to ejaculating, your testicles will begin to move up closer to your body. Gently pulling downward on them will prolong your ejaculation during sex. Remember to be gentle when pulling on your testicles so that you won’t cause yourself any extreme pain and discomfort.

The methods listed in this article will help you last longer in bed. Choose the one you feel most comfortable trying. Whatever you choose to do, be consistent and practice every day. It will result in you becoming the greatest lover she ever had. All because you were able to improve your sexual stamina and learn how to delay ejaculation.

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